Monday, November 24, 2008

Basic Walls as Curtain Wall Panels

I have mentioned previously you can use Basic Walls as a Curtain Panel. This adds another depth to modular wall construction. What I didn’t know was that when you use a basic wall in a curtain wall on curved walls, it follows the curve and doesn’t facet as other curtain panels do. This could be very handy.
To add to this. a basic walls have the same capabilities as system panels (in curtain wall not curtain systems), i.e. they can follow any shape.
In the element properties of the basic wall panel you can also chose if it schedules as a panel or wall.
Finally there is a small bug in non-rectangular panels in regard to their location line placement. Typically you can select a basic wall panel and select if it is Exterior or Interior placed.
On non-rectangular basic wall panels sometimes it won’t allow you to place the basic wall panel Interior or Exterior. You will get the following message:

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