Friday, November 7, 2008

Change in the air

So “Change” is the buzz word at the moment for all kinds of reasons. In the past few weeks in Australia the financial global down turn is hitting home. There are a lot of local large and medium size firms letting Architects go. There obviously are a lot of nervous people and they are right to be. This may only be the beginning.

But clouds have their silver linings. All of a sudden the AutoCAD users in our office that were not willing to put any effort into learning Revit, suddenly are starting to show interest. The word on the street is: “If you find yourself looking for work, having Revit on your résumé is a major advantage”.

From an Architect’s office point of view, changing how it works during boom times can be very difficult. Making changes during difficult times is a matter of survival. BIM is now advanced enough that firms don’t have an excuse not to change. Time will tell, but I recon the next two years will be the biggest take on time of BIM in Australia.

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