Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ideate Explorer

I came across a very useful plug-in after yesterdays post. It happens to de-funk yesterdays post, and some other shortfalls of Revit I had thought of bringing up in the future. Well; no need now.

Ideate Software have released a Revit plug in (here) called Ideate Explorer. The website demos will tell you more than I can ever, but basically it allows you to have a lot of control about finding and selecting elements. Not alone a great management tool, this also assists you to filter your selections.

Well done guys. Thanks David also for your post.


Verma said...


I work with Ideate Inc. and I just wanted to thank you for putting information on our product here. Is it possible for you to update the link on this post? We have launched a new website for Ideate Explorer product itself and will be announcing it to public at Autodesk University next week. The website is

Thank you.

Rahul Verma
Ideate Inc.

Brian Renehan said...

Web Link to original post updated as requested.

Thanks Rahul