Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Pads and Phasing Bug

I’ve had this item confirmed by Autodesk. There is a bug when trying to use pads with phasing.
When you try to demolish a pad, it does not removed properly from the following phase. A second void where the pad was created is left in the same location. Having different topography for each new earthworks phase does not solve the problem. This bug also means you cannot place a new pad in the location of the demolished one.
Bug exists in Revit Arch. SP1.
The suggested workaround is to use the “Split Surface” tool or floor slabs in replacement to pads, depending on your requirements.


Brock DeSmit said...

Unfortunately, I am experiencing a related problem adding a new pad to a future phase. The topography adjusts to the new phase; however, leaves a hole in the topography during the previous phase. Most likely this is the same bug as you've posted about, but in case it's not, any fixes?

Brian Renehan said...

None yet.