Thursday, October 22, 2009

Can’t delete local project files

We came across a really buzzer issue a few weeks ago, where users could not delete or rename their local files on their computer or server drive. It first started happening on some Revit 2010 projects, but then it started happening on a Revit 2009 project.
We are running Revit on Vista 64 bit operating systems. We really haven’t found out what was causing the problem, however we did find a fix that was worked so far.
In Windows, go to Control Panel, Performance Information and Tool, Adjust visual effects. Change the Visual Effects to “Custom” and turn on “Turn on thumbnails instead of icons”.
As odd as it sounds it worked every time so far. Good old windows Vista. The good thing is, your users are better using these visual setting with Revit anyway as it will give them more RAM.

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