Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Creating an elliptical room

We had to draw up a kiosk stall which happened to be elliptical in shape. I was very surprised to see when using the wall tool there is no option of elliptical or spline wall. I know drawing an elliptical or spline based wall is going to be rare, but it came up in one of our projects it is obviously needed.

However there are to workarounds.

  1. Create an in-place wall using an extrusion.
  2. Create an elliptical mass and apply a wall by face.

Anyway - being able to create an elliptical wall using the Wall Tool is now on my wish list.


βρόντος said...

Hi Brian. (sorry for the off topic) I am nikos from greece.
Congratulations for your blog.
I am a civ. eng using cad since 1992. (autocad was 3 floppy disks)
After all those years and also working with adt for 5 years i deside to jump on revit and i found out just what you say. Do it on revit as you are going to do it on the real word. All others are just toys.
I have an issue with fill patterns (using revit 10) so i would be glad if you can give me any idea.
I can't bring-in any .pat file to create a new pat. i always take a syntax error in line x. (i have try all possible combo with units draffting model inch mm etc.) I think that actually there is no syntax error because i am getting it also at the help's example pat or if i try to bring as new an excisting pat that already works in revit. Also if i delete line x (the error line) i get the syntax error in next lines. Do you have any idea what is going wrong?
Thank's for your time
Be always creative.
Regards Nikos

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