Sunday, June 15, 2008

Why is my Revit file so BIG?

So you have been handed over a Revit project file for you to start design development or contract documentation. You look at the file size; 95 Mb. You open the file and have a look at the project. You think to your self; “How is this file size so big, the building is quite basic?”

So the first thing you do is spend 15 minutes purging the file. You then do a compressed save. Look at the new file size; 87 Mb. You ask your self, “This is not right”.

(A light bulb goes off)

Have a look to see what Raster Images are in the file. There are 7 in there. “Bingo”. Remove them and your file is down to 35 Mb.

Punch line.

Raster images are great, but they need to be managed and when used ensure the imported images are as small as possible with in the graphic quality range you require. We documenters sometimes forget how much designers use images in sketch design stage.

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