Saturday, July 5, 2008

ReThinking BIM

This article (ReThinking BIM) is definitely worth a look at, and ensure you down load the pdf (30MB) of the presentation. I have to say it is very good work and it does a very good job at showing the power of Revit with shapes. It seems it is very easy for us Revit users to say Revit is not very good a drawing complicated shapes. In many ways, drawing complicated shapes in Revit is a lot more difficult in comparison to some other 3d software out there. This is to Revits detriment in some ways but it also makes Revit very powerful in other ways. The thing is, there is a place computer software where the designer does not need the have to think to hard in regard to manipulating shapes and making complex geometry. Then, there is another place for taking that geometry and making it build-able. We can’t expect all our complex designs to be built by Computer Aided Machinery. As the above article shows Revit is very capable of creating complicated geometry, but the difference is the person creating it needs to really understand the shape. By fully understanding a specific shape you can in theory set it out and thus give the builder a change of building it. The challenge for us it to get our head around the geometry the designer has come up with using some warping software and thus don’t fully understand the shape themselves.

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