Thursday, August 28, 2008

Concrete Beam corner joints

One thing that was never really correct in Revit Arch. 2008 has, it created a mitre joint where two beam ends meet. Where one beam is deeper then the other, this is not technically correct.

A sample of a Revet Arch. 2008 concrete beam joint in plan.

In Revit Arch. 2009 when you draw two beams that meet at their ends the deeper beams takes precedence and you end up with a butt joint. This is a more correct joint format.

A sample of a Revet Arch. 2009 concrete beam joint in plan.

The problem which seems to happen, is when you upgrade a project file from R2008 to R2009. The beams that were drawn in the 2008 format still mitre, even when you separate the beams and rejoin them. Where as the beams are drawn in R2009, the butt joint works fine.

If anyone has any insight on this, please post it below.

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