Sunday, September 7, 2008


I've been away for the past week so a real lack of posting on Revitfix. I've just added a lot of new Revit and BIM (Building Information Modeling) Links to my subscription list. There are well over 40 there now, so it's even easier to see who is blogging. It's really amazing the amount of very high quality Revit and BIM blogs out there. I suspect that much of this is that BIM is such an exciting area in the Construction industry at the moment. I think globally it's got to be one of the biggest changes to the industry world wide in a long time.

I was doing some searching on Google and I now see that in the Google advanced search the Design Review DWF format is a per-determined file type you can search for. We all know the use of DWF has been some what limited in the industry. Most people have been very happy with PDF format. I do hope this changes as DWF and the new DWFi format do have real advantages.
I noticed on a network deployment of Revit now, Design Review automatically installs. I would hope that Autodesk have done the same for all their construction industry programmes.
The DWFi will certainly open up possibilities. This format can now be opened on any computer using Windows Vista. Design Review is such a handy tool it would be good if it does become industry standard.

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