Monday, December 15, 2008

Large Images in Revit.

No posting in a while. I’ve been a bit busy lately and I don’t even have the excuse of AU. Anyway a few weeks ago we had a problem with one project. We had submitted a building to the council for planning. It was a high rise development and it was adjacent to another proposed high rise building. The Council requested we inserted the other application on our floor plans. We were able to get access to PDF’s of the adjacent building plans, converted them to png file formats and then inserted them into our Revit plans views.

The problem arose when we wanted to open up some of the plan views and they would not open. We would just get the message “Cannot open view”.

The problem was caused by the size of the images inserted. For any software to view a compressed image file, it needs to uncompress it. According to our support request, it is possible we ran out of video memory in trying to open them.

The moral of the story of large images is to:

Ensure image files are as small as possible before inserting them.
Crop any unnecessary areas out before inserting.
Think of bringing them into a drafting view and underlying them on the sheet.

We have come across not being able to rotate large images in Revit also (It could not display them), so do make sure all editing is done before you bring them in.

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