Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Wish list – Split slabs.

I have a wish item that is going to have to some in at some stage, otherwise software like Navisworks is not going to work so well.

We need a way to be able to split sketch plan host elements, like: floor slabs, ceilings and roofs.
It can be for a multitude of reasons for inserting movement joints, to making the sketch area more manageable for editing with in large floor prints, to splitting the elements up into their construction day joints, so the projects manager can plan them in Navisworks.

At the moment breaking one floor into two is very messy, and if you have hosted elements and right pain (I think I'm getting further away from hosted elements). We are going to be getting into providing building with workable models, so a split function for floors, ceilings and roofs would be very helpful.

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