Saturday, May 30, 2009

Drafting line tool shortfalls.

I have always felt the Revit drafting line tools were short by two tools.

The first being “Chamfer”.
I know this tool may not be used much, but if you are detailing a lot of Precast Concrete Wall Panels or Joinery (Casework) you will want these tools.

The second is “Spline through points”
I really hate using the current spline tool. You have to guess where the points have to go and you have no way of really setting it out. At least with spline through points you know where your spline is going and I would hope it could have the functionality to dimension to the node points. Considering organic lines are highly sought after by Designers these days, a Spline through points in the drafting tools is a must. This tool is now in the Massing section, we can only hope it will propagate throughout.

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