Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Select by ID

One little tip I figured out today to assist in review warning. If you are trying to solve warnings that involve vertical elements that are clashing (eg walls) you can use the “Select by ID” tool to select more than one item at a time. Just insert a comma (or simicolon) and a space between the ID numbers. (its funny, this is noted in the dialouge box, but I never noticed it before).

Thus, if you are in a 3D view and you select by ID (inserting both ID numbers), you can then use “Temporary isolate element” and you will clearly see how the two items are clashing.

I also find it easier to go through Review Warnings plan by plan. Start with the ground floor plan view. Select everything in the view and go to the “Show Related Warnings” Icon in the options bar. Export the warnings list to an html file. Open the html file. Copy and past the ID numbers form the html file into the “Select by ID” tool and you will see and resolve the problems relatively quickly.

If you have warnings with area boundary or room boundary lines you are better off going to the view with the lines in it. For area boundary lines isolate the area boundary line category. For Room boundary lines and wall warnings isolate these two categories. After you do this using the select by ID will really speedup your warning resolution. Area lines over lapping has been some of our biggest culprit for generating warnings.

The key is to try to avoid asking Revit to show the warning. If it’s not easy to see it in the view you have open, its very slow to give you a new view, and most of the time the new view won’t help you much.

Also make sure you have you have a short cut for “Select by ID”

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