Sunday, June 14, 2009

Openings and coordination review

I was really surprised to hear getting two errors for openings in a coordination review is Revit correct behaviour.

Let’s say you have a floor or wall copy / monitored from a linked file. An opening has been added to the element in the linked file. When you open your (host) project Revit asks you to do a coordination review.
This is the first coordination message you get.

You select “Copy new elements” and then click Apply. You will now get this error message:

The only option you have is to select “OK”
You are then presented with the following coordination message:

The most sensible option is “Ignore new element”. You then press “Apply ” and “OK” and now finally all the coordination messages about that opening are gone.

I really don’t understand why we get this double coordination messages. If anyone does, please post below.

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